partial denture 1A partial denture is used to replace non-adjacent missing teeth. As tooth loss is not always neat and organized, partial dentures can be quite valuable in dental restorations. But just what are the benefits to wearing a partial denture? Read the information below provided by your Brighton dentist, Dr. Thomas Villani, to find out.

The Perks of Wearing a Partial Denture

  1. Partial dentures protect the remaining teeth. When all teeth are present and properly aligned, they act similar to the shield wall utilized by the ancient Spartan warriors. Just as each soldier protected the flank of those around him, so too do your teeth protect the flanks of the teeth that surround them. However, when teeth are lost, the wall begins to break down. Bacteria have an easier time accessing the sides of teeth and the gums. Thus, the risks of tooth decay and gum disease increase. However, by wearing a partial denture, you can fill in the gaps in the wall to protect your remaining teeth and your gums.
  2. They aid in digestion. When food is not chewed properly, the stomach has a harder time extracting nutrients from it. Thus, when teeth are lost, health can suffer as food is not broken down adequately owing to a deficiency of teeth. By wearing a partial denture, however, your mouth will once again be able to break down food thoroughly to aid in the digestive process.
  3. They prevent orthodontic problems. When gaps exist in a smile, nearby teeth tend to drift into the open areas. Unfortunately, this type of movement can result in crowding and misalignment, creating crevices in which bacteria can hide that are hard to reach with a toothbrush and dental floss. However, by wearing a partial denture, you can fill the gaps in your smile so that your teeth have nowhere to drift.

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