dental implant restorationYou may have heard about dental implants and their great reputation for providing quality restorations for lost teeth. But how much do you know about the process of receiving a dental implant? Read below as your Brighton dentist, Dr. Thomas Villani, walks you through a dental implant restoration from start to finish.

Getting Started

The first step in any dental implant restoration is to make sure that enough quality bone is available in the jaw to support a dental implant. To do this, scans must be taken of the mouth to gather information about the jawbone. If adequate bone is not available, bone grafting surgery may be an option for providing the necessary bone tissue. On the other hand, if the bone available is able to support a dental implant, the procedure can move forward.

Placement of the Implant

Unlike many dental offices, Brighton Family Dental Group can complete a dental implant restoration from start to finish. Oftentimes, dental offices will refer patients to an oral surgeon for the placement of the implant. However, at Brighton Family Dental Group, Dr. Kondrat can place the implant in the office, saving you the hassle of traveling to multiple locations.

Finishing the Restoration

After enough time has passed to allow the jawbone to heal around the dental implant, your Brighton dentist, Dr. Villani, can complete the restoration by attaching a dental post and crown to your implant. With the placement of this crown, the restoration is complete. Following the restoration, caring for a dental implant is very simple as you do not need to provide any special treatment for the prosthetic tooth. Instead, you can brush and floss your restoration just like a natural tooth, allowing you to begin to think of the dental implant as a permanent fixture in your mouth.

Schedule a Visit with Your Brighton Dentist

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