man with laptopDo your dentures make you self-conscious? Do you have a difficult time speaking and eating? Ill-fitting dentures can take the enjoyment out of your life and lower your self-esteem. It’s difficult to smile when even the simplest tasks present a challenge and embarrassment lurks around every corner. Thankfully, there is a solution: implant-retained dentures. With the aid of dental implants from your Brighton dentist, Dr. Thomas Villani, your dentures need never slip again.

Three Perks of Implant-Retained Dentures

  1. A natural feel. Your natural teeth are anchored into your jawbone via each tooth’s root. Unfortunately, traditional dentures are not supported by the jaw in this way. Instead, they rely on the gums and suction to keep them in place. However, if the dentures do not fit properly, they are prone to sliding around the mouth, causing embarrassment and irritation. With dental implants to support dentures, however, your dentures can have a more natural feel. The dental implants are inserted into the jaw, where they fuse with the jawbone. Once firmly in position, they act as anchors for the prosthetic teeth, meaning that the jaw once again supports teeth.
  2. Improved speech. Ill-fitting dentures can affect the speech of the people who wear them. If the dentures slip and slide, the facial muscles will work to keep them in position, and while these muscles are somewhat effective in keeping the dentures in place, it is at the expense of speech. Mumbling and slurring words is very typical for people wearing ill-fitting dentures. However, with the added stability provided by dental implants, the dentures will no longer be at risk of slipping, allowing patients to speak clearly and audibly.
  3. More dining options. Implant-retained dentures are very stable, and nowhere is that stability clearer than in the expanded menu available to patients with implant-retained dentures. Apples and steak are perfectly plausible.

Implant-Retained Dentures from Your Brighton Dentist

Are you ready to end your daily struggle with dentures? Your Brighton dentist, Dr. Villani, can help. Call Brighton Family Dental Group at (617) 562-5210 to schedule an appointment or a consultation to discuss how dental implants can stabilize your dentures. We proudly serve patients from Watertown, Cambridge, Brookline, Newton, Brighton, and the 02135 area.