nice smile BrightonWhen you hear “root canal treatment,” what comes to mind? Many people think of a procedure that should be avoided at all costs. Unfortunately, that stigma toward root canal treatment is an unfair one. Root canal treatment can be very beneficial and can save you pain and more extensive dental work down the road. Your Brighton dentist, Dr. Thomas Villani, walks you through root canal treatment as well as its benefits.

Root Canal Treatment: The Process

When root canal treatment is performed, the area around the tooth is first numbed by a topical anesthetic. Next, a local anesthetic is injected into the gums. Your Brighton general dentist, Dr. Villani, will then use a drill and other tiny instruments to access the innermost part of the tooth called the pulp. Finally, he will remove the pulp and fill the tooth to protect it against further damage.

Why Is Root Canal Treatment Performed?

Root canal treatment can preserve a tooth that is dying or has already died from decay. When a tooth’s pulp becomes infected, the pulp needs to be removed. If it is not removed, the tooth can eventually fall out, and the infection can spread through the mouth and into other areas of the body.

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment acts to preserve the structure of the damaged tooth, thus preventing tooth loss. In addition to causing cosmetic problems, tooth loss can lead to many other problems. When a tooth falls out, the body stops sending nutrition to the vacated area, which sometimes causes harm to the surrounding teeth and jaw. Without nutrition, more teeth can fall out, and the jawbone can experience density loss. Thus, a root canal can prevent many dental problems through a fairly simple procedure.

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