Smiling ChildThroughout our lives, we experience different stages of dental care. As children, we attempt to prevent cavities and anticipate losing our primary teeth. In our adolescence, orthodontic braces surround us. As adults, we work towards maintaining a healthy mouth and avoiding tooth loss. Some people don’t consider what they can do for infants’ oral health because their teeth haven’t erupted yet. You can take precautions to help ensure children’s dental well-being. In this article, your Brighton family dentists explain how to tend to oral care for infants and young children.

Cavities from a Bottle

You can start thinking about oral care for your baby a few days after birth. To prevent early childhood caries, or baby bottle tooth decay, wipe away plaque from your baby’s gums with a clean piece of gauze. Although plaque does not yet settle on teeth, it can damage them when they erupt. Once your child begins teething, you can use water to gently brush their teeth. Only allow children to drink formula or milk from bottles instead of soda or juice to avoid cavities.

Straight Teeth

Children who suck their thumb may experience problems with crooked teeth or bite misalignment (malocclusion) when their teeth erupt. Thumbsucking does not necessarily guarantee oral problems, however. Dental complications depend on how often, how long, and how intensely a child sucks his or her thumb. If your child loses his or her teeth earlier than normal, adult teeth might erupt in the wrong place. A space maintainer from your dentist can prevent crooked teeth by reserving a spot for teeth to grow into correctly

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