Relaxed Older WomanIn our later years, we expect our way of life to change. Our eating habits may change, or mobility could slow. Many of us may foresee tooth problems in our later years. One inevitable challenge that comes from aging is gum recession. If ignored, gum recession could cause serious dental problems. Tending to your mouth before gums recede can reduce complications later. But, if you already experience gum recession, dentists can work with you to better deal with its effects. Living with gum recession may come easy to those who practice good oral health earlier in life. Your Brighton dentists explain gum recession and ways to treat it.

Gum Recession and Aging

Gum recession occurs however healthy your body and mouth are. However, a person’s oral health can determine how early your gums recede. People with bruxism (teeth grinding) may see gum recession earlier in life. Constant stress on teeth affects gum health as well, causing them to diminish and leave more of the tooth open to damage. Gum disease can also spark gum recession sooner, as can aggressive brushing or cleaning of teeth. Whether occurring early or later in life, gums exposing more of your teeth can be uncomfortable and unsightly. The more tooth is exposed, the less protection from decay you receive. Enamel does not coat and protect teeth roots as it does visible areas of teeth, so see your dentist when signs of gum recession appear.

Living with Gum Recession

Since receding gums can eventually lead to exposed teeth roots, problems like sensitive teeth or gum disease could begin. Hot, cold, or acidic foods could aggravate sensitive teeth by making contact with freshly revealed tooth roots. Having areas of teeth previously protected by gums vulnerable to attack from bacteria heightens the risk of gum disease. Without enamel, tooth roots can also incur damage from acidic foods and drinks quickly. Thorough but gentle cleaning of teeth can cleanse the mouth of excess bacteria and acid. Just rinsing with water after eating or drinking can help keep gum recession from causing problems with the roots of your teeth.

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