The holiday season rapidly approaches and food choices quickly rush to the forefront of people’s thought process. With alarming diabetes and obesity rates throughout America, the focus might need to shift back to the giving thanks aspect of the holidays more than the multiple trips to the serving table. Each November, the American Diabetes Association launches a month-long campaign to raise awareness about diabetes. Your Brighton implant dentists, Drs. Villani and Kondrat, discuss the link between diabetes and gum disease.

Diabetes in America

Current estimates indicate that over 8% of the general population suffers from diabetes. The amount of people at risk for developing type-2 diabetes triples the number of confirmed diabetics in America, topping 79 million. People with diabetes suffer from increased oral health risks. Studies show that gum disease affects diabetics at twice the rate of the general population.  Additionally, diabetes reduces the human body’s ability to fight harmful bacteria and infections which poses increased risks of abscessed teeth. Some studies also indicate that diabetes and gum disease could equally affect the other.

Although diabetics suffer from an increased risk of gum disease, patients with gum disease also experience increased risk of developing diabetes. Poor nutritional choices can make blood glucose levels harder to control which can contribute to the development of diabetes. Additionally, poor nutritional choices can seriously impact oral health as well. Consult with your physician or a dietician about how to effectively manage and balance your blood sugar levels.

Gum Disease and Tooth Loss

Diabetics do not make up the only segment of the population affected by gum disease. Current reports show that roughly 80% of American adults will suffer from gum disease during their life. Additionally, gum disease is the primary cause of adult tooth loss in America. If you suffer from tooth loss, we can repair your smile with dental implants. Using dental implants provides numerous health benefits to people suffering from tooth loss. You can replace multiple teeth with dental implants and continue providing stimulation to your jawbone to reduce deterioration.

Although dentures serve as reliable prosthetics, dental implants can look and function like natural teeth. Also, dental implants enable patients to continue eating their favorite foods. Maintaining chewing ability can pay dividends towards promoting mental health later in life. Whether you lost a tooth due to diabetes-related gum disease or from dental trauma, we can restore your smile with dental implants in our Brighton dentist office.

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