All sorts of factors can lead to a person developing sensitive teeth. Naturally-low levels of tooth enamel can certainly cause tooth sensitivity. Store-bought toothpaste can aid in reducing sensitivity in teeth for some of these patients. However, some people experience tooth sensitivity due to gum recession. For these patients, store-bought toothpastes usually will not make an impact or treat the problem. Your Brighton dentists discuss tooth sensitivity and gum recession.

Types of Tooth Sensitivity

Many people don’t realize they suffer from sensitive teeth until they feel a shot of pain rush through their body like a lightning bolt. In many cases, cavities or tooth decay can result in patients experiencing sensitivity to hot or cold foods. However, treating sensitivity caused by cavities usually involves placing a filling in the cavity-ridden tooth. For patients experience tooth sensitivity due to gum recession, the treatment involves a change in oral hygiene and possibly dietary choices. For patients with severe gum recession, advanced gum graft treatment could potentially reduce sensitivity.

Gum Recession

Gum recession can cause exposure of tooth roots. Unlike the tops of teeth, areas typically covered by gums do not offer the same level of protection. Dentin tubules found near the bottom of teeth expose the nerves to all the elements which come into contact with your teeth. Gum recession typically occurs due to a diet rich in acidic foods or beverages. However, many people simply possess thinner gums than the general population. Teeth bleaching agents can also cause gum recession and sensitivity. When gums recede, teeth can appear long, disproportionate, and unsightly.

Treating Gum Recession

For patients experiencing tooth sensitivity due to gum recession, we recommend they switch to an electric toothbrush. Using an electric toothbrush will enable patients to remove more plaque without harming gum tissue. We also recommend using a toothpaste with low abrasivity. Baking-soda toothpastes often offer many of the same cleaning benefits without as many abrasive effects on teeth. Additionally, we encourage patients to cut back on their carbonated beverage consumption. Sports and energy drinks also contain high levels of acid which can cause tooth enamel damage and gum recession.

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