Why should I replace a missing tooth?

Tooth loss is more than just inconvenient when it comes to chewing and speaking; a missing tooth can also have vast implications for your dental health. Each tooth serves a specific purpose in your mouth and holds a specific position. When one tooth is missing, the remaining teeth will attempt to accommodate for the loss. The results are teeth drifting and excessive tooth wear. Both of these dental conditions are catalysts for other problems like cavities and misaligned bite. Replacing a missing tooth prevents the domino effect of dental health issues that arise as a result of tooth loss.

What does a dental bridge do?

A dental bridge fills the void left behind from a missing tooth. Made of two porcelain crowns and an artificial tooth, the dental restoration attaches to abutment teeth, or the teeth surrounding the void. Between the porcelain crowns is the artificial tooth, which mimics the shape, size, and coloration of the missing tooth. Dental bridges hold teeth in place, preventing teeth drifting, and restore the tooth’s function, avoiding excessive tooth wear.

How long do dental bridges last?

Dental bridges can last several years with meticulous maintenance and professional dental care. Our Brighton family dentist, Dr. Villani can offer advice for daily oral hygiene using special flossing tools or interdental brushing. This is important since the dental bridge will hover over your gum line, where food particles may become trapped. At a thorough dental cleaning, the team at our Brighton family dental office can help you maintain your dental restoration while keeping your mouth healthy.

Brighton Family Dentist Addresses Tooth Loss

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