Macaroni and cheese, quesadillas, pizza, and grilled cheese sandwiches would not be the same without, of course, cheese! Did you know cheese is also a vital ingredient in keeping your smile healthy? Dr. Villani encourages you to indulge in your favorite cheese this month to celebrate Grilled Cheese Month. Let’s see how much you know about the tooth benefits of cheese.

1. Cheese is a great source of which nutrient?

  • a. Vitamin C
  • b. Calcium
  • c. Vitamin D

2. Cheese is:

  • a. Alkaline
  • b. Acidic

3. What do the oils in cheese do?

  • a. Stain your teeth
  • b. Wipe away your enamel
  • c. Block stains and acids

4. What is a downside of cheese?


  1. B. Cheese is rich in calcium, which is necessary in strengthening your teeth and bones. When you don’t consume enough calcium, your body will absorb the mineral from your teeth and bones, making them softer and weaker. When your teeth become weak, they are more prone to decay and breaking. In addition, a calcium deficiency can weaken your bones, including your jaw bones. Brittle jawbones may not be able to securely support your teeth, leading to tooth loss.
  2. A. Cheese is very alkaline, which helps neutralize acids to balance the pH level in your mouth. A healthy pH can help discourage bacterial growth. Furthermore, alkali helps increase your saliva production to keep your mouth moist and rinse away bacteria.
  3. C. Cheese is very oily, and these oils create a thin coating across the surface of your teeth. This layer helps prevent stains from absorbing into your enamel. Additionally, the oily shield can help polish your smile, block bacteria from sticking to your teeth, and prevent acids from eroding your enamel.
  4. B. Cheese is very stinky, and it can leave the same odor on your breath. Although cheese provides lots of healthy nutrients, you should still drink water to rinse your mouth or brush your teeth after eating.

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