Summertime means movie time for most of us, and this summer has plenty of blockbusters. Unfortunately, it’s also causing some tooth-busters. Movie food hovers near the top of our list of worst dental offenders.

You’ve probably had popcorn stuck in your teeth. If you were lucky, you got it out on your own; not everyone is so fortunate. Popcorn husks get stuck between gums and teeth, leading to infection and swelling; incautious munchers can break a tooth on an unpopped kernel. Can’t live without your popcorn? Chew cautiously – don’t bite down too hard and fast, and check carefully for whole kernels.

Most people wash down their popcorn with a large soda. Theaters usually offer combo deals to encourage this practice. Soda’s high sugar and acid content contributes to tooth decay, and moviegoers who chew on ice risk cracking or chipping teeth. Stick to water when you can – you’ll end up feeling more refreshed and miss less of the movie for bathroom breaks. If you must have soda, use a straw to reduce contact with your teeth. Chewing ice is never a good idea – satisfy the need to crunch with food, not ice..

Candy fans should watch out for caramel, toffee, taffy, and candies with a similar consistency. All too often, patients come in bringing dental work yanked out by these sticky treats. Frozen candy bars combine the worst elements of ice cubes and caramel, and can lead to a dental nightmare. It’s best to choose ice cream or a regular candy bar.

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