I’m Dr. Villani, one of the dentists at Brighton Family Dental Group, and I am proud to offer quality dental care to my patients. To do this, my team and I incorporate the latest and most advanced technological developments in the way we treat our patients.

I often see adult patients who have fillings they got when they were kids. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about: those metal, black/silvery fillings. Well, it seems like these fillings may not be as safe as dentists once thought. These traditional fillings are made from amalgam, which is a combination of silver, copper, and mercury, and are thought to be toxic.

Also, if you’ve had your filling since you were a kid, chances are it has begun to wear down due to everyday wear and tear. This can lead to tooth decay of the tooth underneath the filling and mercury leakage from the filling itself. Don’t panic if you have an amalgam filling, though. I am here to tell you about a much safer alternative.

Here at Brighton Family Dental Group, my team and I repair dental cavities with composite resin fillings. Composite resin fillings contain no heavy metals, which immediately make them safer for you. These fillings are safe for everyone, and the ADA strongly encourages pregnant mothers and young children to get composite fillings, rather than amalgam, because they contain no mercury at all. Composite resin fillings are also cosmetically better for your smile. Each filling is tinted to blend in with your surrounding teeth, so you will never have to worry about dark, unsightly fillings damaging the appearance of your smile.

I make your health a priority, so I take no chances when it comes to giving you quality dental care. Call my office in Brighton, Massachusetts at (617) 562-5210 if you are ready to upgrade your old fashioned fillings.