Did you know that most people don’t even know if they have bad breath? Do you know for sure what your breath smells like?

Dentists and doctors call bad breath halitosis. In most cases, the offensive smell comes from bacterial waste products. That’s right! In your mouth live over 600 types of bacteria, good and some bad. Some of the bacteria produce sulfur compounds that are, to be frank, very stinky!

If you want to avoid the embarrassment of bad breath, start by visiting the dentist twice a year for checkups and cleanings. You should also brush twice and floss once each day. Bacteria and bacterial waste can hide on the tongue, so use a tongue scraper each time you brush. If your dentists recommends treatment for tooth decay or gum disease, follow through.

Don’t use oral care products that include alcohol. These products will dry out your mouth and worsen bad breath. Instead, keep your mouth moist all day by drinking plenty of water.  If you wear a removable prosthetic, like a denture or partial, keep it very clean. Follow all of the care instructions and let your dentist know if you have problems with cleaning your appliances.

Lastly, when you’re out and about, try to stay away from garlic, curry, and onion when you dine. Tuck a mini toothbrush and handheld flosser into your pocket, and after meals head to the bathroom to freshen up. You can purchase small, disposable toothbrushes with dry toothpaste that activates upon contact with water or saliva.

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