Does your tooth hurt? If so, then you may need to see your dentist before a minor oral health issue becomes a serious problem. In today’s blog, we’re looking at what causes a toothache and why our Brighton, MA, patients may benefit from a dental filling.

Frequently Asked Questions About Toothaches and Fillings

Question: What causes a toothache?

Answer: An aching tooth could develop for a number of reasons. For example, sinus issues, injury, or changes in air pressure could all lead to temporary aches. However, a persistent toothache that lasts more than 48 hours could indicate the presence of a cavity. You should see the dentist as soon as possible if you have a persistent pain or sensitivity in one of your teeth.

Question: Will the composite filling look natural?

Answer: Yes! If we examine your smile and find the presence of tooth decay, then we may prescribe a filling. We remove the decay and then thoroughly clean the tooth. We prepare the composite resin, which is metal-free and can be shaded to match the tooth. We apply the material and then shape the tooth as the composite cures under a light.

Question: How long does placement take?

Answer: The entire process only takes one visit. We then offer a lifelike solution to tooth decay and toothaches, restoring the health and comfort of your tooth while ensuring you continue to enjoy an attractive smile!

Question: Will the restoration stop the ache?

Answer: Yes! Following treatment, you can take steps to help prevent future cases of tooth decay and enjoy a healthier smile. We suggest brushing your teeth twice daily and then flossing before going to bed. You should also cut back on the consumption of sugary foods and drinks. Finally, be sure you attend routine dental cleanings, which remove plaque and help your smile remain cavity-free.

Does Your Tooth Ache?

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