When a tooth becomes damaged, or when an oral health issue develops that threatens the health and stability of a tooth, treatment is crucial. In order to preserve our Brighton, MA, patients’ smiles, we often create and place lifelike dental restorations.

Dental Fillings

A filling repairs cavities that form in the tooth, cavities that could eventually lead to pain and a higher risk of abscess and infection. Instead of using metal, we create them with a composite resin, a metal-free material that can be shaded to blend with the tooth structure and treat the cavity. Placement only takes one visit and helps your smile avoid the onset of serious complications.

Lifelike Crowns

For cases of advanced cavities, or if your tooth becomes chipped or fractured, we may repair the tooth with a custom-made dental crown. The crown fits over the tooth’s visible portion, allowing us to address a variety of restorative and cosmetic concerns. We even help address tooth loss by using them to anchor dental bridges and restore dental implants. To ensure a natural appearance we may create the crown from lifelike materials, such as ceramic or zirconia. These materials allow the completed dental crown to blend with the rest of the smile.

Root Canals

What about a dental infection? If an infection develops we can save the tooth from extraction with a root canal procedure. The procedure allows our team to remove the infected tissue and eventually cap the tooth with a natural looking restoration, ensuring the repaired tooth blends with the smile seamlessly. If you have any questions about treating damaged, decayed, or infected teeth, or about our natural looking restorations, then contact our team today. We want to help you enjoy optimal oral health.

Does Your Smile Need a Restoration?

At Brighton Family Dental Group, we use lifelike and metal-free restorations to improve your smile’s function and health. You can schedule an appointment or consultation with Dr. Villani or Dr. Kondrat by reaching out to our office at (617) 562-5210. We are proud to offer a range of dental services to patients from Brighton, Watertown, Cambridge, Brookline, Newton, and all neighboring communities.