When you travel, you might take on a new mindset. In general, it’s one of free spiritedness, which allows you to unwind, forget about the daily grind, and just enjoy yourself. While this is all well and good, we encourage you to remember to adhere to the simplest of essentials, so you don’t sabotage the work you put into your dental hygiene throughout the year during a single vacation.

#1: Your Smile Isn’t On Vacation

While you might ditch some of your usual habits, like worrying about calories or staying out of the sun, your smile isn’t exactly on vacation the way you are. While you can enjoy a bit of abandon from daily life, your smile can’t afford skipped dental hygiene sessions! Decay, gingivitis, and other problems will still form just as they always do. Keep this in mind!

#2: Consistency Is Essential

Remember to bring along whatever it is that you usually require on a day-to-day basis when it comes to dental hygiene and other aspects of care for your oral health. As a result, you can pick up as usual with your brushing and flossing … it will just be in a different bathroom.

#3: Lists Are A Lifesaver

It’s easier than you might think to step off a plane thousands of miles from your home, make it to your hotel room, open your bag, and find that you don’t have any of your dental hygiene items because you simply forgot to pack them. Keep lists going before you leave (a packing list is key), so you remember every last detail.

#4: You Can Buy New

You might not love the added expense and hassle of heading out during vacation to find a new toothbrush, paste, and floss to purchase. However, you will generally be able to purchase replacements either from your hotel or from a nearby store, so don’t panic!

Travel Without Forgetting Your Smile Health

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