4redYou might think to yourself that as long as you’re working that toothbrush and that dental floss like we have instructed you, you’ll remain in the clear. After all, what could happen to a smile that you’ve been cleaning with such thoughtful care on a daily basis? Unfortunately, even when you are as dedicated as we could ever hope, you’re still leaving some room for error because dental hygiene isn’t perfect. Allow us to explain.

Reason #1: It Removes A Lot Of Plaque, Not All

Yes, your dental hygiene is removing a tremendous amount of plaque, which means the bacteria within it have a greatly reduced chance of causing inflammation, irritation, and decay. However, your efforts aren’t clearing it from your smile, just keeping it limited. As a result, you need care from us, too.

Reason #2: It Can’t Protect You From Functional Issues

Your dental hygiene does help significantly when it comes to keeping problems from developing as the result of bacterial accumulation (namely, it stops gum disease and decay and even infection from becoming an issue). However, it will not protect you from teeth grinding or clenching (bruxism) or from problems with your jaw joints (TMJ disorder).

Reason #3: It Won’t Prevent Oral Cancer

Your brushing and flossing can help you maintain a healthy mouth. However, it’s still possible for oral cancer to develop. As a result, you still need to come in for preventive visits with us, so we may screen you for this disease.

Reason #4: You Cannot Brush Away Serious Stains

If you want your smile to look whiter, you’ll need more than dental hygiene. It helps, of course, but serious stain treatment requires cosmetic dentistry.