questionsanswerssignHow familiar are you with the need for an oral cancer screening? Do you know what to expect, when to receive a screening, or why you need one? In general, we suggest you come to recognize the fact that the sooner we detect cancer, the easier it is to treat, and the greater your chance of survival. As for the particulars regarding screenings at our practice, we are happy to offer answers to some frequently asked questions.

Questions and Answers: Oral Cancer Screenings

Question: Why do I need oral cancer screenings? Can’t I just give you a call for a screening if I notice something is different with my oral health?

Answer: You need screenings because for the most part, you will not even be aware that anything has changed in your mouth until the disease has become advanced. A screening will allow us to identify changes in their earliest formation, so we may treat the problem early (rather than later when it becomes more difficult to address).

Question: What should I do if something changes between my preventive visits? Should I contact you or just wait until my next preventive dental checkup and cleaning?

Answer: If you notice any sort of change with your oral health, whether a visible symptom or a difference in the way your mouth feels, you may contact us immediately. (If the problem is a sore, give it approximately two weeks to heal and then contact us for an appointment if it is still present).

Question: Do I need to schedule specific times to visit you for an oral cancer screening or is this something that you offer as a part of my dental exams?

Answer: You will not need appointments in addition to your usual preventive care visits. During each dental checkup, we will provide you with an oral cancer screening.