toothbrushtoothgiftAre you aware that you can give gifts this holiday season that will provide preventive care to the smiles of those you love? No, we aren’t suggesting you give out toothpaste or a free visit to the dentist. Instead, you will be pleasantly surprised to find we have come up with a collection of exciting gifts that will light up your loved one’s faces, while offering long-term protection against problems like gum disease and tooth decay. Not convinced just yet? Consider some carefully selected items.

Toothbrush Accessories

When it comes to décor, if you have a loved one who enjoys adding beautiful things to the bathroom then keep your thoughts focused on countertop accessories. For instance, keeping a toothbrush up off of the counter where it can dry easily without coming into contact with other bacteria is always beneficial. Seek out esthetically pleasing toothbrush holders that will complement your loved one’s style.

Utilitarian Options

Looking for gift ideas that will offer some assistance in the preventive care department but the gift receiver is strictly into useful presents? No problem. Reach for a toothpaste roller – the item that you place on the end of the toothpaste tube, pressing it up as you go along. Your loved one will appreciate the chance to use every last bit of toothpaste.

Something Snazzy

Nobody gets too excited about a bulk box of generic toothbrushes. What they do get excited about, however, are toothbrushes tailored to their needs. For the seniors, adults, or even the younger preventive care enthusiasts on your lists, an electric toothbrush is always a favorite. As for the youngest of the group, seek out a toothbrush or accessory bedecked with a favorite character or color.