dentalcrowndirectviewHave you recently received the news that you need a dental crown to restore the health of your smile? If so, you may have mixed feelings. While patients are usually relieved at the notion of improved comfort and oral health, we find that they can become concerned about questions for which they have no answers. For instance, you may be worried about what the finished product will look like – or you may wonder if a crown is strong enough for you to eat and speak without hesitation. Receive some helpful details with an informative question-and-answer session (and remember to ask remaining questions during your next visit).

Questions and Answers: Dental Crowns

Question: What types of materials do you offer for your dental crowns?

Answer: We select the material best suited to our patients’ needs. For front teeth, which require exceptional esthetic value we provide all-porcelain crowns. For back teeth, which deserve esthetic value but also require extraordinary strength for chewing, we will offer either zirconia crowns or PFM (porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns).

Question: Is the dental crown that you place going to look obvious or will it blend in with the rest of my smile?

Answer: The reason we rely on lifelike materials, such as porcelain or zirconia, is because we prefer to provide patients with restorative treatments that are cosmetically sound. We will custom craft the crown to blend seamlessly with your natural teeth, matching both dimensions and tooth shade.

Question: Will I have to wait a long time with a damaged tooth while you create my dental crown?

Answer: No. Creating a crown typically requires only two appointments (for a total of a two week period). While your crown is made, you will wear a temporary crown.