guy thinking about toothIf you’ve lost one or more teeth, you might already realize that replacing them is a necessity. Besides the appearance of gaps in your smile, missing teeth are a serious concern for the proper function of your bite. Until relatively recently, however, most people didn’t realize the importance of replacing the roots of their lost teeth, as well as the crowns (visible top parts). If you’re missing one or more teeth, then your Brighton dentists, Dr. Villani and Dr. Kondrat, advise learning why dental implants can offer the most lifelike option for replacing them.

More Tooth Than What You See

Small though your teeth are, they’re among the strongest parts of the human body, and they owe much of their strength to the roots anchored in your jawbone. Today’s advanced dental prosthetics, like custom-made bridges and dentures, are also strong, but pale in comparison to the durability of healthy, natural teeth and their roots.

The Innovation of Dental Implants

Fortunately, today’s replacement teeth can also be crafted with the support of lifelike anchors, called dental implants, that mimic the stability of natural teeth roots. Dental implants are made from titanium, which is biocompatible—meaning your jawbone accepts it and fuses to the implants’ surfaces. After your implant placement surgery, healing should last about 4-6 months, after which your replacement teeth can be attached to the prosthetic teeth roots.

Dental Implants for Every Tooth Loss Need

Since dental implants are created as single posts, they can be used to address any severity of tooth loss. For instance, a dental implant topped with a dental crown can replace a single lost tooth, while bridges and dentures can be designed with multiple implants to address more complex tooth loss patterns.


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