Losing a tooth can inhibit the confidence in your smile, especially if you’ve lost a tooth in the front of your mouth where its absence is more prominent. However, many people who’ve lost a single tooth in the back, where it’s less likely to be noticed, may not consider their loss much of an issue. After all, if no one notices your missing tooth, then what harm can it do? Quite a bit, actually. The loss of even a single tooth can devastate your smile’s integrity more than it can affect your confidence, regardless of how obvious or discrete the gap in your smile is, and tooth replacement is often critical to preserving what remains of your oral health.

Why Your Mouth Needs All of Its Teeth

A mouth full of teeth can make your smile beautiful, but it also serves an important function. A healthy human mouth, teeth included, is designed to displace the consistent pressure produced by your bite. When the rank-and-file of your smile is disrupted by missing teeth, your bite can become imbalanced and lead to a host of functional problems, like TMJ disorder. Also, chewing stimulates the roots of your teeth to help keep your jawbone healthy and strong. Losing your teeth’s roots can lead to the slow deterioration of your jawbone and further tooth loss if left untreated.

Dealing with the Loss

Luckily, tooth loss is largely preventable. For instance, the most common form of tooth loss—advanced gum disease—can be expertly treated and managed before it damages your gum tissue and jawbone structure enough to cost you your tooth. Should tooth loss occur, however, replacing your missing teeth with a dental implant-supported dental prosthesis, such as a crown or denture, can help restore your mouth’s function and preserve your oral health in the long run.


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