Your child may rush home from school and run to the cookies, candy, or another sugar-filled snack. Tooth decay is the most common childhood disease. When children snack on sugar throughout the day, the bacteria in their mouth produce an acid that can harm their teeth and cause cavities. Try preparing these alternatives to make snack time healthy and fun.

Cups: Applesauce, milk, pudding, cereal, and yogurt can be put into a small cup or bowl. This will help limit the amount of the food your child is eating.

Stackers: You can combine healthy ingredients to make a full snack. Crackers and fruits serve as good baselines to top with cheese, cream cheese, or peanut butter. You can create a fun face on the base food, and children may enjoy stacking the foods themselves.

Fruits and Vegetables: Slice up fresh fruits and vegetables to make easy-to-grab finger foods. You can also arrange the slices into a fun, colorful display.

Snack bags: Use snack-sized Ziploc bags to create a healthy snack pack. Fill the bag with nuts, fruit, and crackers. It’s easy to grab on the go, and it helps limit the amount of food they are snacking on. You can decorate the bag with stickers to make it more appealing and fun. Instead of bags, you can also use reusable plastic containers.

Making snack time healthy and fun will teach your child the importance of healthy eating habits. To further protect your child’s teeth from decay and other dangers, visit Dr. Villani every six months, starting at the age of two. Contact Brighton Family Dental in Brighton, MA at (617) 562-5210 to schedule an appointment.