The words “root canal” often evoke fear in dental patients, but the dentists at Brighton Family Dental Group have some good news for you.  Modern root canal therapy is less invasive, more precise, more comfortable, and more effective than in years past.

Inside each of your teeth, a canal houses dental pulp, also known as the nerve of your tooth. This pulp is extremely important. It keeps your tooth alive by bringing nutrients to the tooth, removing waste, and keeping the tooth alive and functioning.

If a deep cavity or fracture occurs in your tooth and it’s deep enough to cut into the sealed canal, your tooth pulp can become infected.

This can be very serious and very painful. As bacteria build up in the canal, it creates pressure and can result in an intense toothache. In very severe cases, a tooth with an infected internal canal may need extraction, but often, the tooth can be salvaged with root canal therapy.

To perform a root canal, Dr. Villani will administer anesthetic to completely numb the affected tooth. Then, he’ll use fine, precise tools and technique to remove the infected pulp and leave as much of your natural tooth structure intact as possible. A 100% safe, manmade substance is inserted into the tooth’s canal before a dental crown is secured on top, giving your tooth unwavering strength and a natural appearance. Without pulp, the tooth is no longer alive, but it can remain intact if it remains infection-free and well cared for.

If you experience tooth pain, it’s possible that you may need a root canal to keep your tooth intact. Please call our dental office in Brighton, Massachusetts at (617) 562-5210.