We have all heard about the dreaded root canal. It’s true: root canals have a bad reputation. I am Dr. Thomas Villani and I am here to tell you that root canals aren’t as bad as they sound. My associate at Brighton Family Dental Group, Dr. Richard Kondrat, and I are happy to answer questions to put your mind at rest before and during your root canal procedure.

Why would you need a root canal? Inside each tooth, a canal houses dental pulp, or nerve. The pulp is the life source of the tooth. It brings nutrients to the tooth, removes waste, and without it, the tooth cannot live. If a deep cavity or fracture penetrates in the sealed canal, the pulp can become infected. As the bacteria grow, so does the pressure. Soon you will have a full-force infection, and most likely, an intense toothache. It is important to act quickly because the pulp that sustains the life of the tooth is now infected. Root canal therapy is usually needed to repair the tooth and cure the infection.

To perform your root canal, I will administer anesthesia to completely numb the infected tooth. I will make sure you are comfortable before beginning the procedure. Then I’ll use small tools to precisely remove the infected pulp from the tooth. A manmade substance will be inserted into the tooth before a dental crown is secured on top. After a root canal, the tooth is no longer alive, but it can remain intact if infection does not return.

I know that dental work can sometimes seem overwhelming and invasive, but my staff and I are here for you. We listen to our patients’ concerns and address them with education, technology, and clinical excellence. We want to help you make the most informed decision possible so that we can give you the best care possible. Please contact my office to schedule an appointment or if you would like more information.