In our previous blog, we discussed how we treat smiles to manage periodontal disease or help avoid the onset of gum disease. Today, we would like to focus more on the preventive aspects. Let’s look at four ways our Brighton, MA, patients can stay gum disease free!

Staying Free of Gum Disease

  1. Brush Your Teeth Properly: Routine homecare helps keep your gums healthy by removing food particles, which would otherwise be broken down by bacteria and increase the risk of gingivitis and eventually, gum disease. You should brush your teeth when you wake and again before going to bed Each session should last two minutes. We suggest a toothbrush with soft bristles, to avoid inadvertently damaging tooth enamel or causing gum recession if you brush too hard.
  2. Always Floss: Even more vital than brushing? Flossing every night before bed. Floss removes the bits of food caught between the teeth, which a toothbrush’s bristles cannot reach. You should go up and down the length of the tooth, dipping under the gum line and curving in a “C” shape. Do this for each side of every tooth. You can use floss tape, a water flosser, or a floss pick, as long as you’re cleaning between the teeth.
  3. Avoid Tobacco Products: Cigarettes and other tobacco products increase the risk of gum disease and make the advanced stage, which often leads to tooth loss, more likely. Tobacco use also increases the risk of oral cancer and other types of cancer.
  4. See Your Dentist: Every six months you should have your teeth examined and cleaned. The exam allows us to assess your gums, often uncovering the problem in the earliest stages. A cleaning removes plaque buildup, aiding in periodontal disease prevention.

Do You Have Questions About Avoiding Periodontal Disease?

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