You know that if you have a toothache, something’s not quite right. What you might not feel so certain about, however, is whether that means you have a cavity, your tooth is infected, you’re only dealing with temporary irritation, or something else is happening. How to decide when it is time to come in for a dental visit? While you may assume the answers are hard to pin down on this one, we can actually guide you quite easily toward figuring out how to deal with your discomfort. Extract helpful details from our quiz (or discover that you already have all the information you need).

Quiz Questions: True or False?

  1. True or False: If you’re suffering from a toothache, it’s best to wait a month or so to determine whether the pain stops.
  2. True or False: If your toothache is the result of a cavity, it doesn’t really matter if you schedule your dental visit immediately or within a couple months. The cavity isn’t going anywhere!
  3. True or False: The one benefit of a toothache is that it alerts you that something is wrong. If there’s no pain, you know your smile is healthy.

Quiz Answers

  1. False. Unless minor irritation subsides completely within 48 hours, it is always best to schedule a dental visit with our practice, so we can figure out the cause of the pain.
  2. False. The cavity is indeed staying put but it will grow and worsen and can potentially result in an infection if you wait too long to treat it.
  3. False. It’s entirely possible to have a cavity, infection, or other problem happening without realizing it because pain and other symptoms do not always show up. Schedule six-month dental visits, so we can find problems even if you cannot feel them.

A Checkup Reveals Your Toothache Cause

Finding out what’s causing your toothache and allowing us to treat the problem is always the best course of action. If you need to schedule a dental visit in Brighton, MA, do so by calling Brighton Family Dental Group at (617) 562-5210. We proudly welcome patients from Brighton, Watertown, Cambridge, Brookline, Newton, and all surrounding communities.