Did you take exceptional care of your smile in 2016? Perhaps you did okay but you’re pretty sure you might have overlooked a thing or two when it came to the multiple factors that contribute to optimal oral health. If you’re not actually certain about how well you did, we encourage you to consider a few things you might have done wrong (based on the common tales we hear from our patients). Lucky for you, the upcoming new year gives you time to improve your habits!

#1: You Didn’t Try To Enjoy Yourself

Did you know that enjoying yourself to some extent is actually very important when it comes to your oral health? Here’s what you need to recognize: When you like your toothpaste (or at least do not dislike it), you feel that your toothbrush fits in your mouth, and you like the way your dental floss feels, you’re much more likely to stay on track. Otherwise, avoiding care altogether or skipping sessions becomes a common problem.

#2: You Skipped A Visit, Brushing Session, Or Otherwise

About skipped sessions … they are very bad for your oral health. Whether it’s a skipped brushing session, skipped flossing session, or skipped cleaning and checkup, each of these missed experiences greatly promotes the likelihood of plaque turning to tartar on your teeth (and remaining for a while, since you can’t brush or floss it away). Keep up with the details!

#3: You Fell Behind And Stayed There

Perhaps you fell behind and instead of scrambling to get back into your good oral health habits, you felt too behind. You let a skipped brushing session turn into only sporadic home care. You let one missed preventive care visit turn into complete avoidance of our practice. Remember: It’s okay to make mistakes! Just get right back into the swing of things, let us know if you need help, and all will be well.