pregnantreddressFirst and foremost, we offer our congratulations to expectant parents! Then, of course, we offer reassurance that your decision to continue your dental care throughout your pregnancy is the right choice. Many patients do not recognize that this is actually a time when you want to remain as dedicated to your smile as possible because issues like an increased chance of periodontal problems becomes a factor. Learn more (and remember to schedule a visit soon).

Gum Disease And Your Pregnancy

Did you know that periodontal problems become more prevalent during pregnancy because the shift in hormones makes gums more prone to inflammation? Did you know that suffering from diseased gums during pregnancy could actually pose a threat of early labor? As a result, we suggest the following to help keep you and baby safe:

  • Come in for a cleaning before you become pregnant if possible
  • Treat gum disease before pregnancy if possible
  • Come in to see us when pregnant (and let us know about the pregnancy!)
  • Remain consistent with your checkups and cleanings, so we can prevent the occurrence of gum problems (and more) while you are expecting

We Offer Tons Of Suggestions

Did you know that beyond help with preventing periodontal problems, we are also a wellspring of knowledge regarding your pregnancy and how to care for your smile? While some expectant mothers assume this is a time to shy away from dental care, just the opposite is true. It is essential you keep the following in mind:

  • We are happy to guide your oral health throughout this wonderful time
  • We can offer many recommendations for effective dental hygiene (by helping you work around morning sickness)
  • We can also help you protect your smile from the threat of acid erosion if morning sickness is an issue