dental implant in mouthWhen it comes to replacing a missing tooth, you will probably want something that feels and looks as much like the original as possible. If that is the case, a dental implant restoration may be a great option for you. To learn more about dental implants and how they are able to closely replicate natural teeth read the explanation below from your Brighton dentist, Dr. Thomas Villani.

The Feel of a Dental Implant Restoration

One of the things that sets dental implants apart is the way that they feel in the mouth. Many dental restorations rely on nearby teeth to provide stability for the prosthetic teeth. In the case of dentures, suction is created by covering the palate. With a dental implant restoration, however, the stability comes from the jawbone itself just like it does in a natural tooth. Dental implants contain a titanium post that is inserted into the jawbone. The bone then grows around the post, creating a stable base for the prosthetic, and because the restoration is anchored in the jawbone, it tends to feel more like a natural tooth.

The Look of a Dental Implant Restoration

For a single-tooth restoration, the post is attached to a dental crown, which closely replicates a natural tooth. In fact, advances in cosmetic dentistry have yielded very convincing and lifelike crowns, even down to the smallest details. For example, today’s crowns are able to mimic the way that light reflects off of a tooth with the result that the tooth looks very realistic in varying lighting conditions. In addition, today’s dental crowns are also made to be slightly translucent just like natural teeth. Thus, they allow a certain amount of light to shine through them, enhancing their cosmetic appeal.

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