Mother and DaughterTaking kids to the dentist is important, but can be difficult. When wrestling with getting children to their regular checkup, parents must consider what matters more in the long run for their kidsoral health. For some, ensuring their children receive proper dental care comes naturally. A recent study has shown mothers with stronger maternal instincts have kids with better oral healthBrighton family dentist, Dr. Thomas Villani, explains how mothers provide for their children’s oral health.

Children’s Developmental Needs

Even before birth, a mother can tend to the development of children’s teeth. By keeping her nutrition balanced, a mother allows healthy development for her child. Regular checkups with doctors during teething and tooth growth helps teeth grow in naturally straight. Mothers who encourage their kids to brush and floss regularly lower their risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Providing for positive, non-threatening experiences at the dentist office helps keep kids mindful of their own oral health. The less apprehensive kids are about visiting the dentist, the more likely they are to prevent dental problems. Keeping a child’s mouth healthy during heavy growing periods can aid in keeping more serious dental issues from happening later in life. As studies suggest, being active in children’s development results in their oral well-being.

Mom’s Teeth Need Attention Too

Pregnant women should also keep up regular visits with their dentist. Changes in hormone levels during pregnancy can cause temporary oral problems, like bleeding gums. Supplementing at-home oral care with your dentist can keep these pregnancy related issues in check. The stress that comes with raising children after pregnancy could put mothers’ dental care on the backburner. Making time to visit the dentist even during kids’ early years can help keep stress related dental issues, like teeth grinding, from developing into something more.

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